Sports, culture and nature at the end of the world

Miércoles, mayo 17, 2017
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Foto de Rodolfo Soto

When the selknam indians, natives of Patagonia, went from childhood to adults, their parents made a ceremony which included high performance outdoor physical tests. Inspired in this piece of history, last weekend was celebrated the first trail running competition that gathers sports, culture and nature just outside of Torres del Paine National Park.
Still dark and with temperatures below zero, Patagonia Camp gave the kick start of the race for the 75 runners that participated in the 42K, 25K and 15K. The trails, explored and marked especially for the event, began in a frozen unpaved road which later submerged in the Magellan hills going through slopes, crossing rivers, climbing with ropes and enjoying the immensity and magnificence of the landscape at the end of the world, which included views of the Torres, Toro lake and the final stretch of the Grey glacier.

Foto de Rodolfo SotoWhen the race ended, participants and their companions enjoyed a Magellan lamb with calafate sour, organic wines and handcrafted beer, all prepared and produced by people from the area. The award ceremony, where the winners got to engrave their names in a selknam mask to honor the native people, was accompanied by the accordion of a “gaucho”, which led to the electronic music of the party that finalized the event.

This is the second year that this trail running is organized, in an effort to extend the season in Patagonia, inviting tourists – particularly Chileans – to live one of the most renowned destinies in Chile and to look at the autumn colors in the region, enjoy its flavors, practice sports surrounded by spectacular landscapes and get to know more about the aboriginal cultures of the south of the country.



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